Happy Cancerversary To Me!

One year ago today I heard the words “it’s cancer”.   I won’t bore you with a recap of everything that’s gone down since then but when I look back and think about it, it’s been one hell of a year.  I look different – I have a buzz cut and new boobs.  I feel different – I definitely get tired more easily but I’ve also been getting myself to the gym with a personal trainer since getting diagnosed so I’m in better shape.  I think differently – I’m much more conscious of my health and I’m always looking for the more positive outlook in situations.  So while a lot has changed, one thing has remained the same – I hated cancer then and I hate it now. I feel like I could be a lot more reflective on my cancerversary and come up with some deeper thoughts but really, what’s more meaningful than saying “cancer, you suck!”?

I hated cancer a year ago because it’s effected people I love so deeply.  It’s caused pain, fear, anxiety and it’s taken friends and family members away.  I hate it now because it took a year of my life, threw it into a blender and dumped it into the trash.  I do know there are a lot of positives that have come out of this year however, I’m not giving cancer the satisfaction of pointing any of them out while I’m talking about hating it so much.  Cancer… what a jerk.

Speaking of hating cancer, I’m excited to participate in my second Jimmy Fund Walk to support the cutting edge research and incredible patient care at Dana Farber Cancer Institute.   After this long, scary, bumpy year-long road, I’m more determined than ever to focus on the positives and be an advocate by encouraging other women to do self-exams for early detection, providing support for others through their journey and most importantly, helping to raise money for Dana Farber’s research and patient care.
Please consider helping me reach my ambitious goal of raising $7,500.   Ways to support include:
-donating by clicking here (no amount is too small – or too big for that matter!)
-spreading the word by sending my fundraising page to others (everyone hates cancer, right?!)
-asking your company to match donations (companies hate cancer too!)
I will forever be grateful to be a breast cancer survivor thanks to Dana Farber and to you, my friends and family, for your amazing support.  I couldn’t have made it through this past year without you.  THANK YOU!

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  1. Go team! Thanks for continuing the drive for research to rid the world of cancer! You are an inspiration! Love You!

  2. Kristen, you continue to be a shinning light, bring awareness and offer hope and inspiration to others. Thank you for continuing to share your blog. Xoxo

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