While I finished “active” cancer treatment back in April when I finished chemo, as of today I’m FINALLY done with IV infusions!  I continued to get Herceptin every 3 weeks to help prevent recurrence, a drug that specifically targets the HER2 mutation I had. As Clark Griswold would say, “Hallelujah holy shit, where’s the tylenol?”.  Just a little recap of what’s gone down since I got diagnosed:

1 billion – what feels like the number of appointments, heart tests, blood tests, MRIs, ultrasounds, biopsies, and mammograms I’ve had
526 – days since diagnosis
$20,417 – dollars raised for Dana Farber through the Jimmy Fund Walk and Touch Your Boobs gear (a big friggin’ THANK YOU to all of you for that)
31 – IV infusion treatments
6 – cancer killing drugs that have been introduced to my system
4 – surgeries and procedures
2 – new boobs that aren’t murderous assholes
1 – grateful breast cancer survivor

The good news about just getting Herceptin without the traditional chemo from April until now is that it’s much lower on side effects.  My hair is growing in fast and furious, my appetite is back in full effect and I’ve felt normal for the most part.  Though I guess normal is a relative term.  Did I really feel normal?  Or did I just not feel like the rotting ball of garbage I was before?  It’s hard to tell.

I will continue on hormone therapy for at least 5 years to make sure my body doesn’t produce estrogen since my cancer responded to it (what they call hormone receptor positive).  This is another measure to help prevent recurrence.  So I’m on a daily pill and a monthly injection in the butt cheek to keep me in a medically induced, temporary state of menopause.   Like Herceptin, the side effects are pretty low but I do get all the fun things you would naturally get with menopause including hot flashes and night sweats.  If you see me randomly fanning myself and breathing like I’m in a sauna, you’ll now know why.

So farewell 2018.  You weren’t as bad as 2017 but you still sucked a little.  Bring it on 2019 – I hope you’re the year that I remember as being full of fresh starts and new beginnings.  I think those are the same thing but whatever I couldn’t think of anything else.  Happy new year to you all!  Sending lots of love and gratitude to you all for getting me through a very bumpy year and a half.

4 Replies to “FINALLY.”

  1. Way to go! You are strong, beautiful, and have a great zest for life. Get out and enjoy yourself!
    Cheers to you and Happy New Year!

  2. I have been following your “journey”……not a fun way to take a trip, is it??!!…….BUT, you have worn a brave face and kept a strong spirit, and I could NOT be happier for you AND your parents that all that crap is now in the rear view mirror. Blessings and best wishes to you, Kristen, as you continue to move forward and LIVE YOUR LIFE. xoxoxoxoxoxox

  3. Kristen,

    Congratulations on getting through surgery, radiation, chemo and reconstruction! You are remarkable. I love how you turned your difficult treatment into positive energy by extending yourself for others. Your fundraising through T-shirts and your Jimmy Fund walks will help with research and treatment in the future. Thank you from me and future women who will walk a similar path.

    I recently started my own b.c. journey and visited DanaFarber for the first time yesterday. What an amazing place. Marilee sent me to your blog when she heard of my diagnosis. You are a true inspiration! In turn, I have already shared it with another.

    Yes, ladies, touch your boobs and get regular mammos! We have found that, indeed these can save you life.

    Wishing you joy, Kristen, as you get back to your full life. You are a warrior! Anything you take on now will seem easy in comparison. God bless!

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